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Kat TanseyWhat if you could become what I like to call an Enlightened Sleeper, one who knows how to get the restful, reinvigorating sleep you need, no matter what the circumstances. Wouldn’t that be great? My experience is that one of the biggest problems people have in getting better sleep is that they just don’t know enough about sleep itself. It’s like trying to drive a stick shift when you don’t understand how it works – you’re going to ruin the car pretty quickly if you keep popping the clutch, right? As an example,  did you know that Insomnia is not classified as a disease? It is classified as a syndrome, because the medical community doesn’t know what causes it. I have plenty of experience with syndromes — I had to figure out how to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the early 90’s, before the world even knew what it was. The important thing to keep in mind is that something like insomnia (or Chronic Fatigue) is classified that way because no one knows what causes it. And what this means is that the causes, and therefore the solutions (what you need to change) will be different for each individual. My name is Kat Tansey. I’m an experienced researcher, holistic author, long time meditator, and change management coach. Two years ago when life events sent me reeling into insomnia, I had a really difficult time figuring out how to get back to being a good sleeper. So, as is my nature, I dug in to learn everything I could about sleep and insomnia. What I learned is that in the case of sleep, ignorance is definitely not bliss. Once I finally understood how sleep works, I was able to put together my own program for becoming a good sleeper once again. After I started sleeping well once more, I got angry about this whole Insomnia Phenomenon. Why are we at the mercy of ads that tout sleeping pills, when what we really need is education? So I put on my educator hat and began figuring out how to teach people about sleep. It took me a year, but I’ve finally done it!

I’ve created Insomnia Relief Recipes to help you uncover the causes of your sleep problems and become a Confident Sleeper using my “Cook Book” Guide of Proven Solutions.

I’ve developed easy self-assessment guides and a step-by-step method for discovering and resolving your unique sleep challenges. I also experimented with many different types of products to find those that will really work for you. I was the guinea pig for so many sleep solutions that my office looked like an Insomnia Relief Store! But all that research, investment, and experimentation was worth it — people are loving my approach, and they are getting results! Here is what one of my satisfied customers has to say about Insomnia Relief Recipes:

“Who knew that learning about sleep could be so interesting? I appreciate how you set up the book with useful links, video and audio clips – and mind maps for my Right Brain! Oh, and I had a great, restful sleep last night, whoo hoo! Here’s to many more of those….” –Diane L., Canada

KittenOne of the first Proven Steps in my Insomnia Relief Recipes program is to learn to visualize and feel deep restfulness, to recover memories and pleasant sensations of what getting great sleep feels like for you. Sometimes it can be helpful to remember a picture of a sleeping kitten – they can sleep anywhere! This little guy is one of my favorites –>>

I’ve created a great Sleep Cue audio to help you do this, and I’d like to give it to you as my gift. Listening to this audio will guide you in creating your own personal image of enjoying blissful and restorative sleep. This will be fun, I promise! (Now I don’t promise you will be able to sleep on a radiator, but who knows?)

So many people are benefiting from my Insomnia Relief Recipes program. I want you to benefit too.

My approach to helping you get better sleep is unique. It combines new insights about sleep with better understanding of your own sleep issues to help you put together your own personal solutions — to create your customized Insomnia Relief Recipe. “I love your customized approach. We are all so different, it makes sense that one recipe won’t appeal to everyone. Thank you for showing me how to get a good night’s sleep, every night.” -Ellen B., Cleveland

I want to make sure you experience enough of my approach to make an informed decision — so I’ve decided to give you one more free audio gift – my Sleep Process Meditation. In just nine minutes, you will be able to relax and slow down your brainwaves, which is essential for entering the portal for sleep. You can use this audio during the day to reduce stress (which is one of the biggest contributors to insomnia), and you can use it before bedtime to prepare your mind for drifting off to sleep.

I hope you will use these two audios right away. Your complete set of solutions for becoming an Enlightened Sleeper will be unique for you, but listening to these two audios are important first steps for everyone. Use these audios today to sleep better tonight. And get my Insomnia Relief Recipes e-program to insure that you will be able to get the sleep you need every night, no matter what is going on in your life. Believe me, knowing how to do this will change your life!

To access your free audios, please go to: www.insomniareliefrecipes.com/free

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